At Climatech we hold safety in the highest regard and place special emphasis on the quality of our products and services.


At Climatech, we take pride in our products and services and place special emphasis on quality. The actual quality review process begins at the initial project development stage and continues until the work is completed. The detailed quality assurance procedures include a review of system components, energy performance, drawings, specifications, load calculations, air and water distribution sizing calculations, and equipment selections.

Quality assurance reviews are scheduled throughout the project with team leaders and installers. Written scope reports are augmented with regular meetings and supported by site visits and inspections. This ensures that we assess progress and adherence to Climatech standards, as well as all customer plan documents and specifications. What we learn from the activities is shared with the workforce, in order to support the development of best practices, and to enable the team to work together to remediate problems and resolve any shortcomings identified. The success of the Climatech Quality Assurance Program has made a strong and positive contribution to our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

After the project has been completed, our program ensures that the customer is completely satisfied with the workmanship and system performance. We schedule a release meeting with all team members and present the Owners Operating Manuals at this time. We make sure that the occupants know who their contact is at Climatech, and the terms of our warranty and how to obtain warranty service. We also ensure that the customer is informed about the importance of a properly applied maintenance package, and our desire to maintain their satisfaction for the life of the system.


Climatech holds EHS (Employee Health and Safety) to the highest regard. Our state-certified Safety Committee conducts monthly meetings geared towards taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to EHS. Our employees take part in various programs, from New Hire Safety Orientation, In-house OSHA-10, and OSHA-30 Outreach Training Certification, to additional task-specific supplemental training to recognize potential EHS hazards. Climatech also provides employees all tools and materials necessary to ensure proper control measures are implemented to minimize employee exposure to hazards.

Climatech incorporates its Comprehensive Safety Program Manual into periodic supplemental training. The following topics included in the program but not limited to include:

  • Aerial Lift Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Safety
  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
  • Confined Space Safety
  • Crane / Rigging Safety
  • Decision Driving Safety
  • Electrical Safety – Including Lockout/Tagout and Arc Flash
  • Fall Protection Safety
  • Hazard Communication Safety – Labels and MSDS Sheets
  • Ladder Safety
  • Office Safety
  • P.P.E. – Personal Protective Equipment Safety and Usage
  • Scaffold Safety
  • Warehouse Safety

Climatech believes that EHS is an important aspect of our company and that a proactive, rather than reactive approach, will not only keep our employees safe, but will keep insurance costs down, a benefit which can be passed on to our customers in the form of competitive pricing.

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