Allergy Relief Starts with Air Filtration at Home

Have the words, “My allergies are killing me,” ever been spoken by you or someone you know? If your answer is no, we here at Climatech envy you. Assuming you or a loved one have suffered from allergies we have great news for indoor air quality solutions. Your home protects you from the elements, your furnace keeps you warm, air conditioning keeps you cool. Air filtration and humidity control not only cleanse the air inside your home of allergy triggers like pollon, pet dander, dust, even smoke.

Our engineers can retrofit your existing heating system or cooling system. Whole home air filtration systems remove fine particles from the air which irritate the nasal and sinus cavities. Humidifiers not only lower heating costs in the winter, they maintain a healthy level of humidity in the air, which prevents your nasal passages from drying out, which in turn prevents infection and irritation. For those muggy dog days of summer a dehumidifier not only assists your air conditioning system run more efficiently saving you money, they also prevent the growth of mold. If you have expierienced mold or mildew in a basement it not only effects your health, but mold and mildew invites termites and rotting.

Humidity control and air filtration all assist your existing heating / cooling system run more efficiently especially when combined with fresh air and hot air ventialation. By removing old stale air and bringing fresh filtered air from the outdoors you’ll always be breathing easy! Great for you home and great for your health learn more about air filtration, ventialation, and humidity control by clicking an icon below.

Climatech’s Indoor Air Quality Solutions:

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