Sheet Metal Fabrication PittsburghFor the past 35 years, Climatech has fabricated our own ductwork. We have a state of the art production facility which utilizes a full coil line duct processing system, a plasma cutting table, and a variety of other fabrication equipment.

By producing our own duct work, we ensure that the quality of the final product meets our high standards, while maintaining control over our production schedule to ensure timely delivery of product to our projects.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Climatech also outsources our fabrication services to other heating and air conditioning contractors who are looking for a high quality product and a competitive price.

In addition to providing HVAC ductwork fabrication, Climatech performs the following services:

  • Duct insulation including both liner and wrap
  • Fume hood fabrication
  • Welded exhaust breeching
  • Stainless steel and aluminum ductwork
  • Custom curbs and curb adapters

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Facilities

Sheet Metal Fabrication

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