HVAC control systemIf you are tired of paying exorbitant prices for installation of a new building HVAC control system, or service on your existing system, call Climatech today. Climatech can service any non-proprietary brand, as long as the software and password are available.

Advantages of Using Climatech to Handle Your HVAC Control System Requirements

Using a company like Climatech provides all of these advantages:

  • Most control companies do not service HVAC control systems, and are therefore untrained and unfamiliar with the application of proper control strategies to apply to the many system components. This results in reduced comfort levels, increased maintenance cost, and shortened equipment life. It defeats the entire purpose of control system installation.
  • One contractor can now service both your HVAC equipment and control system. This reduces cost and aggravation to your employees, tenants, and customers.
  • Finger pointing about whether an issue is due to equipment or controls failure is eliminated. There is now single source responsibility.
  • Since Climatech is not obligated to any single manufacturer, we are able to integrate different systems. Any manufacturer’s equipment can share one common control system.
  • Climatech installed systems are not proprietary. In the unlikely event that you need to change service contractors, any qualified controls contractor can handle service on our systems.
  • Air volume and noise control techniques are not understood by computer programmers, and therefore they have no way of knowing if their applied strategies are accurate. Strategic deficiencies do not surface until long after the space is occupied and comfort level is unsatisfactory. By that time, the damage has already been done.

There is a real advantage to using a company like Climatech to take complete control of your building automation system. Give us a try and you will see the reasons why first hand.

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