Air Conditioning Installation

Traditional central air conditioning units use ductwork to force cooled air throughout a house. For those who already have ductwork installed for their forced-air heating systems, a traditional air conditioning unit is an easy installation. Come summertime, the same system that warmed your home months before will begin to cool it.

However, these traditional central air units require ductwork. Until recently, the options for those without ductwork were often unappealing. Window ac units were easy to install but they were inefficient and noisy. The only other option available was a total home renovation and ductwork installation.

While we do provide traditional ductwork installations, even with our professional, efficient contractors, an installation requires a certain amount of interruption of your daily life. Thankfully, new air conditioning technologies give our customers more diverse options.

High-velocity mini-duct systems work in essentially the same way as traditional central systems, but the requisite installation is much less of a headache. Ductless mini-split systems are an innovative way to provide centralized cooling without any ductwork whatsoever. As specialists in the installation of both of these systems, we can provide efficient, effective cooling to the Pittsburgh metro area with minimal interruption. Contact Climatech to set up an appointment today!

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