Humidity Control for Dry Environments

Winters can be hard in Western Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh residents have tried to battle the cold in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, most of these traditional heating techniques do little to combat another cause of winter discomfort, dry air. As temperatures lower, the air loses its ability to hold moisture. Unfortunately, most heating systems raise the temperature, but do not do anything to return moisture into your indoor environment. The result is dry skin, scratchy eyes, sore throats, and dry, irritated sinuses. Plus, recent studies show that winter viruses, such as the common cold and the flu, thrive in low humidity environments. Thankfully, new humidity control technologies have been developed that can help alleviate dry winters.

Whole-Home Humidifiers

While single room, stand-alone humidifiers have been on the market for a long time, recent technological developments have made centralized humidifiers for your whole house more practical. Furnace humidifiers turn your traditional furnace and heating system into a humidifier by adding moisture to the forced air heat that would otherwise be dry. These whole-home humidity controllers work on the same principle as traditional steam humidifiers, just on a much larger scale. Water vapor is simply added to the air while it is cycling through your furnace.

In addition to being more efficient, these humidifying systems give you more personal control over the internal climate of your home. Stand-alone humidifiers run the risk of putting too much moisture in localized areas of your home, potentially damaging floors and furniture. With built-in humidity control, our centralized humidifiers ensure that your entire house will maintain a healthy and optimum humidity level all winter long.

Lower Heating Costs

All this being said, without a doubt, the health benefits of a centralized humidifier are the system’s best feature. Winter dryness can cause much more than minor discomfort. While dry, flaky skin and dry, itchy eyes are unwelcome winter additions, dry sinuses pose a greater health risk. When sinuses and mucous membranes become dry and inflamed, they become ideal breeding grounds for both pesky and more dangerous winter viruses. While a humidifier is not a cure for the common cold, it a wonderful asset in the annual battle against the flu, sinus infections, strep throat, and other seasonal illnesses.

Humidity Control Improves Sinus Discomfort

So are you tired of waking up every winter morning with a sore throat and inflamed sinuses? Would you like to take the daily refilling of your stand-alone humidifier out of your nightly routine? Would you simply like to spend your next winter in optimum comfort? Then a central humidifier installed by Climatech is the best solution for the doldrums of the Pittsburgh winter. So call now and make an appointment for a consultation and an estimate today!

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