design build and design assist servicesFor years, Climatech has built our reputation in the construction industry by our commitment to the design build and design assist services in the Pittsburgh area. We believe that this process makes a tremendous difference in how projects get built by fostering teamwork between the design professionals, contractors, and owners.

Our construction group specializes in providing upfront design capabilities which provides for faster delivery, reduced costs, and higher quality for any project. Our team utilizes our 44 years of construction experience by assisting outside engineering firms with a practical approaches to designing HVAC systems which ultimately reduces the cost of any project without sacrificing quality.

We can submit budget pricing and provide an energy analysis comparing several different types of systems to accomplish the same job. This provides our customers even more detail making it easier for them to make a more informed decision. Once the type of system has been determined, the design proceeds taking into account all customer requirements with special emphasis on the following:

  • Operating Noise – All duct and diffusers are designed and sized to operate invisibly to occupant. Comfort should be experienced and not heard.
  • Drafts – Diffuser style, size, and placement is given the utmost attention. Drafts from diffusers make even the best job unacceptable.
  • Construction Obstacles – Equipment placement and ductwork must be given special attention to avoid conflict with other trades and to ensure that all customer comfort requirements are met.
  • Space Utilization – The more customer involvement and communication regarding space usage, the more insurance we have that the system will operate as designed.

Our design build and design assist services provide our customer with CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings, prepared by our design department. After these drawings are reviewed and approved by the owner, architect, and general contractor, the installation is completed in the most expeditious manner. Once our crews are on the project, they remain there until the project is completed and our work is ahead of the general construction schedule. Our crews are trained to maintain a high level of professionalism and to cooperate with the other trades to ensure timely project completion with no aggravation to the owner. After installation is complete, the customer is provided with all of the following:

  • As built drawings for future reference.
  • Owners operating package containing all equipment and system information including warranties.
  • Site walk-through with our service technician to train owner personnel in proper operation of the system.
  • Air balance reports.
  • Recommendations for regular system maintenance to ensure longevity and maximum energy efficiency.
  • Warranty review to explain terms.

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