Boiler Heating Systems

If you are currently using an older boiler heating system to heat your home more than likely you are paying to much on your utility costs. Many older boilers operate at an efficiency rating at or below 60% in many cases a high-efficiency replacement boiler will begin paying for itself with your first month’s energy savings.

There are two types of boiler radiator heating systems; hydronic boiler heating systems and steam boiler heating systems. Nothing beats the charm of an old home, except possibly oppressive heating costs in the colder winter months. One of the architectural elements that contribute to such charm is a boiler radiator system, with their ornate radiators. Yet, as beautiful as they are, older boiler heating systems can and will leak, not to mention dated boilers are inefficient.

Hydronic Boiler Heating Systems

Hydronic boilers use natural gas or oil to heat water, which is then pumped through radiators, which deliver heat throughout your home. The most desired benefit of a new hydronic boiler radiator system, aside from retaining your home’s natural humidity levels, is they are now available in up to 96% efficiency. Another benefit to adding the high-efficiency hydronic boiler systems is the amount of space they take up, or rather how little. Hydronic boilers are small enough to mount to a wall, which allows you to maximize your home’s usable square footage.

Steam Boiler Systems

Most traditional residential boiler radiator (hydronic) heating systems use hot water rather than steam. With steam boiler systems, the boiler heats the water, which creates steam. A pump is then used to circulate high-pressure steam through radiating coils throughout the home. Steam boiler systems can only reach about 80% energy consumption rating, low in comparison to hydronic boiler heating systems. Climatech is one of the only Pittsburgh heating, cooling, & HVAC contractors that has the capability to repair or retrofit steam heating systems.

Boiler Repair Services

Climatech maintains, installs, services, and repairs boiler systems. Heating costs can also be lowered by ensuring your existing boiler heating systems are properly maintained. A leaking or clogged radiator means lost heat and thus lost energy, and though that tiny leak may look trite, neglected it can cost you hundreds or even thousands in water damage over time. Regardless of whether your current boiler heating system needs repair or If you are looking to upgrade to a new efficient hydronic heating system, Climatech is the answer.

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