Fresh Air Ventilation Systems Improves Air Quality

Great advances have been made in the art of sealing new constructions in an effort to keep water and dampness at bay. While this is wonderful news for those who fear moldy basements, there are a couple of unfortunate side-effects. One of these is the sacrifice of natural ventilation. That’s where Climatech comes in. We are experts when it comes to fresh air ventilation systems, a necessity for those with newer construction projects.

As people begin paying closer attention to energy costs and insulation, they are tightening up their homes. Sadly, while they may have lower energy bills, they are also stuck with stale air. Fresh air ventilators solve this problem while also maintaining the ultimate goal of energy efficiency.

Attic Gable Vents

While older homes often featured gable vents or other simple ventilation systems, these old-fashioned systems often became access points for rodents and other pests while also allowing climate controlled air to exit the building. Our fresh air exchangers are closed systems that bring in outside air and bring it in line with the internal temperature of your home with cycling out the stale air that needs to be replaced. That way you have fresh air without the critters.

Remove Indoor Air Pollutants

Not only do our fresh air ventilation systems remove stale air, but it can also cycle out the pollutants found inside your home. Mold and bacteria can thrive in the stale air, multiplying as the air stagnates. Air circulation ensures that mold, mildew, and fungi aren’t given a foothold in your home. Plus, as these pollutants are taken out of the home, the odors they cause are taken with them being replaced by the fresh air from outside.

If you are building a new home with energy-efficiency in mind or if you have recently sealed your basement as part of a remodel and find that the air in your home requires some assistance in order to properly cycle with the air outside, then Climatech has the solution for you. Our highly trained and professional installation team is ready to meet with you and find the fresh air ventilation systems that will best improve the air quality and energy-efficiency of your home. And you can be confident that you are getting the most competitive price from the most competent team in the Pittsburgh area. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to set up an appointment and get the air in your home moving again!

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