Programmable Thermostats Lower Energy Costs

A thermostat is just a thermostat, right? Perhaps fifty years ago, such a statement would be true. However, with the advancement of technology, especially in the realm of energy efficiency, thermostats have undergone remarkable innovation. Programmable, energy-efficient thermostats, multi-zone thermostats, independent humidity controls, and wifi thermostat access all give homeowners an unparalleled amount of control over their preferred environment. And it is this personalized control that leads to incredible energy savings since it allows homeowners to use environmental controls exactly how, when, and where they want to without having to control the climate in those places where they do not. That’s why so many of our thermostats come with an energy star rating!

Programable, Energy Efficient Thermostat

One of the easiest ways to begin saving money on energy costs is to install a programmable thermostat. These smart thermostats provide either automatic home cooling or automatic home heating based on a pre-programmed schedule. That way your home is not trying to keep itself at the optimum temperature while you are at work. On the other hand, if you program your smart thermostat to begin cooling an hour before your return from work, your house will be cool and comfortable the moment you get in the door.

Just like programmable thermostats, dual-zone or multi-zone thermostats give you more control over the individual rooms in your home. If you know you will be spending the next ten hours in your bedroom while you are sleeping, why heat your whole house? With energy prices on the rise, why heat or cool more than you need?

Wireless or wifi thermostats are one of the latest and most exciting innovations currently on the market. Say you left for vacation and remembered that you forgot to adjust the thermostat? Now, you can make the necessary adjustments and remotely program your thermostat with a smartphone or laptop, even while you are sitting at the airport waiting for your plane!

Finally, there is so much more to comfort control than just changing the temperature. Some of our most advanced energy-efficient thermostats give you unprecedented control. In the summer, humidity has as much to do with your discomfort as the temperature does. By merely lowering the internal humidity, you can feel comfortable in your home at a relatively higher temperature than you would be able to with a traditional, nonprogrammable thermostat. And like so many of our other innovations, this benefits your wallet in the form of energy savings!

So the next time you go to adjust your traditional thermostat, think about all the ways you could be saving money on energy. A new, energy-saving thermostat is a simple, inexpensive upgrade that goes a long way. So don’t waste any more time or energy and call Climatech, Pittsburgh’s leaders in comfort control technology, today!

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