Pittsburgh HVAC New Construction and Renovation

Choosing the correct HVAC new construction and renovation contractor when building a new home or adding on to your existing home is very important. A poorly designed duct system and improperly sized equipment can make your home uncomfortable. Climatech has been energy star certified by the ACCA, you can rest assured that your new home’s comfort system is being designed properly.

Our design team will carefully evaluate your home’s drawings and will perform a load calculation determining that properly sized equipment is being installed in your new home. We will design your duct system to accommodate your equipment and will fabricate it in our onsite sheet metal fabrication facility. Because we can both design and fabricate your ductwork onsite, we can keep your costs to a minimum. We will be in constant communication with your builder or architect to ensure that your expectations are met, your comfort concerns will be at the forefront of our design.

Climatech will only use the highest quality materials during construction and on completion of your new construction project, we will test and balance your system to ensure proper operation. We offer a full 12-month guarantee on all of our projects and our team of over 30 highly qualified service technicians can maintain your investment for years to come.

If you need help with your HVAC new construction and/or renovation in the Pittsburgh area, contact Climatech today to speak with one of our design professionals.

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