Mini Duct Air Conditioning Systems

High-velocity mini duct air conditioning systems are the perfect solution for those who want a central air conditioning system but do not currently have ductwork installed. While these central units operate on the same principles of traditional central cooling, instead of traditional ductwork, they force high-velocity air through small, insulated, flexible tubing. These tubes can be easily tucked next to wall studs and ceiling joists, eliminating the mess and hassle of traditional ductwork installation. And since the unit is centralized, you can avoid the noise of window units.

Benefits to High-Velocity Mini Duct Air Conditioning System

When compared to traditional central air systems, small duct systems remove 30% percent more moisture from the air. Less humidity in the air means that you can feel comfortable at higher temperatures, making your air conditioning system more energy-efficient and cost-effective. So if you want all of the benefits of central air without the hassle of duct installation, then a mini duct air conditioning system installed by Pittsburgh’s foremost cooling experts is the solution. Contact Climatech today to get started.

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