Lowering Your Home Humidity This Summer

Lowering Your Home Humidity This Summer

Humidity can be a problem at any time, but it is especially problematic during the summer months. Humidity is bothersome, and it can be damaging to your home. Thankfully, lowering your home humidity this summer is achievable and rewarding.

Use a Dehumidifier

While a properly sized air conditioning system will dehumidify your home when it is running, running a dehumidifier in the basement is always a good idea!

Run your Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are extremely important. Whether you are cooking or taking a shower, make sure that you are using your home’s exhaust fans. These vent air and humidity out of your kitchen or bathroom. This is an easy way to lower the humidity level in your home.

Use Plants

Moisture-absorbing plants can actually help reduce your home’s humidity. Try a Boston Fern to get some of the moisture out of the air.

Be Careful in the Kitchen

Try not to boil water on particularly humid days. When water boils, it creates steam and raises the humidity level in the room. This causes your HVAC system to work overtime. If you do need to boil water, try to limit the boiling time while running your kitchen’s exhaust fans.

Clean your Filters

Regularly cleaning and replacing your air filters helps to lower humidity. Contact Climatech to have your air filters cleaned.

Watch your Showers

Taking colder, shorter showers is beneficial to your home’s humidity level. A steamy shower is sure to elevate humidity levels. This is an effective habit if your bathroom specifically has high levels of humidity.

Don’t Hang-Dry Clothes Inside

If hanging inside, the dampness of the clothes will actually cause the humidity in your home to rise. If possible, try to hang dry your clothes outside instead of inside.

These are just a few ideas for lowering your home humidity this summer. If you cannot get the humidity in your home under control, it’s time to call Climatech.  https://climatech.com/

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